About Rachelle Bomberg

Artist Bomberg (48).
Rachelle was born in London and spent her formative years there.  Niece of David Bomberg – Tate Gallery – she was exposed to the arts at an early age by a creative family which included the great museums and in particular classical art.

At an early age Rachelle displayed a gift for painting as well as classical dance.

Graduate studies in both art forms were open to her through scholarship.  However on leaving school she first decided to broaden her horizons by travel as a BA air stewardess and PR to Sir Andrew Gordon Blue Sky Hotel Chain.

On visiting her cousin, David Bomberg’s daughter, Diana, in SA during the 70’s she became the protegee of the late Taubie Kushlik.  Not long after her direction became clear on gaining admittance to the Johannesburg College of Art – a fine art education based on the Slade School – both traditional and contemporary.

After years of extensive life changes, travels, self discovery and international showings Rachelle Bomberg opened her own museum / gallery – studio where she also resides in rediscovered Muizenberg. A quiet town on one of the most beautiful unspoilt coastlines in the world. She personally renovated this unique 1940’s Art Deco heritage building Windermere House – also known as The Castle.

Here Rachelle left behind the heavier subject matter of previous decades that grew from political and personal conflict in SA.

“I am inspired by an ever changing dance ; rhythms and moods ;  light, sun mists and storms over mountain and sea”.

She continues her dance experience in this recent decade by learning the complex rhythms of Flamenco. Movement through dance and nature remaining integral to her work…and  passion.

NB Rachelle Bomberg’s very early work were signed Lipschitz or Bomberg-Lipschitz her ex married name.