considered a master …..


‘… dense, committed talent and unyielding introspection about her way with art …’  Melvyn Minaar art critic
‘… genius of serious note …
  Chris Beetles, Chris Beetles Gallery Ltd., St. James’s, London.
… family resemblance but work expresses a female voice…   Gill Hedley, British Council , London.
… high regard for your work and deep integrity   Francis Kyle, Francis Kyle Gallery, Maddox Street, London.
… most original and creative painter  W.R. Philips, ex Director, Jhb College of Art.
… important artist….received great acclaim …  Louis Jansen Van Vuuren, artist and ex Chairman SAAA., Cape Town.
… guru of S.A. art  Balu Searll Nevison.
… visionary …  Richard Lacey, author.

‘Rachelle comes from an artisitic bloodline to be proud of. Her Uncle David Bomberg has been an inspiration to myself and countless other artists. Clearly his genes have gone directly to his niece. In common is what he referred to as ‘spirit in the mass’ and the sensual atmosphere – his masculine, hers the feminine yet both artists incoporating the dual polarities….’ – Beezy Bailey.

‘Rachelle’s vision has become reality on canvas, a reality that speaks of a courageous search for truth. We have been given a gift of this vision to see into a world that would otherwise only exist, for the most, in dreams …  The Cape Gallery.

John Russell Taylor, author and art critic of the Times, London – Opening her exhibition in London compared Rachelle with Vanessa Redgrave. He commented that like Vanessa Rachelle’s individuality and talent had triumphantly established her own mark despite being the heir of a famous family. Whilst there was an unconscious instinctive relationship with David Bomberg in colour, he remarked that ‘she is so strong in her own inspired vision that the connection ends there’. Comparisons with Blake and the “inner world” . He spoke of qualities found only in really important , significant artists – was excited to have made contact with such a talent …. ‘reproductions cannot begin to compare with originals. One of the most exciting shows in London’.

Rachelle has always had the highest respect and fascination for Judith Mason’s work. At the Daljosafat Group Exhibition in 1992 Rachelle remarked how honoured she was to be exhibiting alongside her. Judith Mason’s response was … that she too was equally honoured!

Rachelle’s paintings are large since she feels freedom of movement is essential. Her work varies from pure abstraction to greater realism, where forms become figures which merge into landscape and sea in constant spiraling motion – energy breaks and reforms. Rachelle shares her Uncle’s awareness of energy which he referred to as “spirit in the mass”. Where David Bomberg found inspiration in the sun drenched colours of Israel and Spain, Rachelle has been inspired by the vast spaces and rhythms of Africa. Its heat, light and endless mystery – Ben Uri Gallery, London.

One is initially captivated by the lush sensuous colouring and drawn by the lyrical sense of movement. Then one remains fascinated by the powerful images as they subtly emerge or burst forth with an incredible intensity. These works are not simply beautifully painted, they also have depth and meaning providing both visual and intellectual fulfillment, evoking intricate levels of emotion – Primart Gallery, Cape Town.

Festival of light and colour – masterly and visually exciting , transcending the usual gallery experience – Gowlett Gallery, Cape Town.

Rachelle Bomberg epitomizes the transition from 20th to 21st century painting ….

… linking ancient icons to quantam physics … Eldred Green, journalist

The Renaissance opened the boundaries of the flat picture plane. Turner broke free from set academic rules. Cezanne shifted into cubism opening the doors to the explorations of the twentieth century. Bomberg intricately explores universal spiritual concepts, symbolism and philosophies, cohesively linking an intuitive understanding of quantum physics – time/space dimensions and realms of realities beyond our limited perceptions.

She masterly and passionately executes this through the ancient art of painting, intrinsic in mans psyche from earliest times.

Her unique language sets her apart from any of her contemporaries.

Rachelle’s work may also be viewed at The Saatchi Gallery

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