collected for over 30 years by corporate collectors including …


London – Mercedes Benz Finance Ltd., Orchard Solicitors, Mase Westpack, Nidus Ltd.,

Japan – Takashimaya.

South Africa – Sanlam, Woltru, Foschini, SA Railways …… former ANC Premier Gauteng, Tokyo Sexwale, Oliewenhuis Art Museum – Blomfontein, Sasol Museum – Stellenbosch.

Internationally extensive CV includes CT, Jhb, London, Holland , US, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany.

Milton Keynes General Hospital NHS – Public Trust Collection.

  • 24 Solo Exhibitions
  • 50 Group Exhibitions
  • First retrospective l994 Primart Gallery – opened by ANC Minister for Culture
  • Second retrospective Sasol Art Museum South Africa 2012

Note: The works illustrated in the artist’s website are from her limited records only. Over 200 paintings have been dispersed worldwide over the last thirty years to corporate and private clients.

Those wishing to assist in Rachelle’s search to complete an accurate record of the location of her paintings can please contact her at with details.

Important Notice

The mediums used in the paintings are Liquin and linseed oil. Rachelle requests that should any repairs be necessary only these mediums be used. Any sinking/drying out that may occur through atmospheric reasons can be resolved with a light coat pure linseed oil applied with silk/lint free cloth and worked evenly into surface. Any excess wiped away with clean silk cloth/s and left to dry in dust free area for up to 2 weeks. This should be done in warmer weather. Rachelle prefers varnishes are not used. To date they have been unnecessary and may interfere with the level of sheen on the surface. Decision should be made only by the most expertise professional restorer with credentials and long experience with all resins including Liquin. If varnish is ever used it should be Windsor and Newton matt (1part gloss to 10 matt sometimes may be applicable). It should be noted that oil paintings must never be left in conditions where mildew can occur. (A dehumidifier can counteract this in storage). Nor should they be exposed to strong sunlight or ultraviolet light.

Transportation :
Only expert ‘art’ packers must be used. The frame to be convered in bubble wrap. The canvas to be protected by a suitable material not bubble wrap as this will cause sweating in hot atmospheric conditions and severely damage painting. i.e. preferably light cardboard placed over frame AWAY FROM SURFACE. A well padded box must be used to prevent ‘stress’ in transport that can later cause ‘cracking’ of the paint. Crating forshipping and air freighting is essential.